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Diagnostics for A/C and heater issues

You'll get a full rundown of your repair options

Defrost not doing its job?

Let us kick your car's heater into gear!

Whether your heater can't keep you warm or your air conditioner is pumping out foul-smelling air, our auto techs can get to the bottom of the issue. With our complete climate control service, your car will feel comfortable no matter what the weather is doing!

Summer is right around the corner - is your car ready?

It doesn't take much sun to turn your car into a sauna if the windows are rolled up, and you need your air conditioner working at peak efficiency to deal with the built up heat! Get your Freon levels checked and recharged to ensure your car's air conditioner is ready to go on that first hot day of summer!

Cool or warm air when you want it

• Freon recharging

• Air conditioning service

• Heating service

• Vent blockage service

• ASE certified auto techs

• 24-hour vehicle drop-off

• Shuttle service available from 7am to 5:30pm with advance notice

• Vehicle pick-up on Saturdays by appointment only

Sometimes, internal climate problems have nothing to do with the heater or A/C - they can be working at full blast, but the air never gets to you because of a vent blockage. It's a simple check for us to make, and you can avoid other repairs.


Be ready to handle any temperature. Call

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