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Extend the road life of your car or truck

Preventative maintenance keeps your car running strong

Time for an oil change?

Get it done fast at BLS Repair, LLC!

The best way to avoid breakdowns is with preventative maintenance. We're not saying that you'll never need repairs, but you'll be aware of many potential issues before they occur on the road and be able to have them fixed on your timetable. It's better to have us make repairs now than be stuck on the side of the road later!

Bring your car in every 6,000 miles or six months

With today's quality synthetic oil and well-designed engines, you don't have to bring your car in much more than that. As we change the oil and check the filters, be sure to tell us about any issues you have been encountering. You know the way your car drives better than anyone - if something feels off, we can check it out!

Avoid problems before they even happen

• Oil changes

• Oil filter

• Air filter

• Flushes

• Alignments

• Tune-ups

• Spark plugs

• Diagnostics

Don't ignore the check engine light for too long - your on-board computer is trying to alert you of something unusual in your vehicle's performance. That little issue could turn into a big repair bill if we don't catch it in time.



Regular service ensures you get the maximum performance out of your car. Call 507-280-6918!


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