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Drive more safely with a set of new tires

It'll be like your car is hugging every curve

Don't let a flat tire ruin your day

Tire repair at BLS Repair, LLC

With premium tires from all the top brands available, you'll be able to pick the set that works for you and your goals - better traction in the rain, better fuel economy in town, or better control on the highway. Tires should be replaced in sets of 4 or 2 at the least to ensure optimum control.

Get every mile out of your tires

Tire balancing and tire rotation are key services to maintaining your current set of tires. Balancing ensures that your tires hit the road evenly to avoid wearing down some of the tread. Rotation makes sure that no one tire gets more worn out than the others. You won't have to replace the whole set because of one flat!

Complete tire service

• Tire repair

• Tire rotation

• Computerized spin balancing

• Tire sales

• Tire matching

• 2 and 4 wheel alignments

• 24-hour drop-off is available

• Shuttle service available from 7 am to 5:30 pm with advance notice

Do you have to tilt the steering wheel just to drive straight? Your alignment is off, and it's not just an irritant. Misaligned wheels put added stress on the tires which robs them of miles of road life at a time. Our alignment service is fast and easy!


Vehicle pick-up available on Saturdays by appointment only. Call 507-280-6918 today!